Junior Band

Would you like to learn to play a brass instrument? Why not come along to the best junior band in the local area.

Marske Junior Band

The band

About The Junior Band

Marske Junior band is organised and run by some of the band’s most accomplished brass musicians, including Sue Merser.

Sue is the Junior Band’s music arranger extraordinaire (arranging most of the music to provide both interesting challenges and enjoyable pieces to spark enthusiasm).

Sue puts in a tremendous amount of time to the Junior band, planning and arranging music, whilst also teaching individuals to play brass and percussion instruments at other times outside of the regular rehearsals. This compliments the main full rehearsal which is held every Sunday evening from 6:00-6:45pm.

Other members of Marske Brass Band often attend Junior Band rehearsals and concerts to provide support to the learners.

Learning To Play

There is no age limit to joining Marske Junior Band and there are plenty of spare instruments which can be loaned to new learners. Everyone is welcome – the band is not just for children, there are currently quite a few adult members.

There are also members who have progressed into Marske Brass Band who still attend the Junior Band rehearsals (because we have so much fun!).

Why not ‘pop along’ one Sunday evening at 6:00pm? You don’t know what you’ve been missing!

Marske Junior Band

Music Arranger
Sue Merser

Sue Merser the junior band music arranger

Saltburn Concert

Junior band playing at Saltburn